Trashish’ed Speech

Overdue visuals from the classic Intox-I-Rox Solid (Casuno & RockSolid) STINK TALK EP/LP. “Trashish’ed Speech” for you & yours. Shot and edited by yours truly.. enjoy



juanEPstien trailer

Big shout to my brother, BrianTek.. for getting me jump started doing what I’ve always known I could do. Peace to D.Mott & RockSolid for the ongoing inspiration. Check me out..

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..been sitting on most of these tracks for a minute. Bangers are kinda scarce right about now.. Anyways, this one goes out to the couple of you that actually listen to these shits more than once.. I did this one for ya’ll.



we’re not done.. we’re not done..

SHUP!?! Been handling grown man bid’ness around the crib so the music has been slow.. as you know.. But I’ve got the rest of the year mapped out with some exciting new & old music. Plus I’ll get them mixes going again. In the meantime you could scroll over to DJ Reals’ weekly show on ustreem and if you want to step out DJ A.TOM.CALLED.COONEY has a party damn near every weekend at the local bar spots. Cheers, be back in a few..


PS: the pic is a hint to what one of my projects is. shhhhh….

Tuesday @ The Office (Weekend Edition)

..couldn’t take it anymore, had to take a quick shot to the Bean to play catch-up (FUCK, I FORGOT ACTION BRONSON!!!).. Its ridulous that i have to drive 45 miles to purchase physical copies of shit.. internet “diggin” is gay.. in a gay way.

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Labeless Illtelligence BandCamp Jumpoff

The Fams recently created a Bandcamp page to offer yet another means of acquiring pieces of the ever-expanding catalog. (I’m all for this move and need to get off my ass and do the same.) To kick start the program we have the homie Intrikit’s remix version of Crispy Chris’s 2010 release:  “Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb”. And a classic, imo, from the vaults: Intox-I-Rox Solid “Stink Talk”. Click the pics for the links and show some support.

WLPM:006 – Special ROCKSOLID Edition

..I don’t think Rock has had two hours sleep since he got Maschine. HAa.! Anyways, a couple weeks ago he came to me with the idea of chopping up some of his remixes in the WLPM format.. fuck it.. done.

You would have to ask Rock himself but I’m sure a good majority of these beats are available for PURCHASE.. you fuckers are gonna start paying the kid too O_o word up



WLPM TRACKLISTS… & Mickey Mouse Slim

I wasn’t going to do this but the interest and traffic has been increasing soo. I need to make sure the artists that get played receive the exposure they deserve.. ..these mixes started out strictly for my iPod but I’m glad to help spread the gospel on some good music. Salute to the cats still making bangers in this day and time.. ball players and actors be knowing my rhymes!!! O_o

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Big Birthday shout to my mellow Buddy Rich.. born on 4/20 and don’t smoke no damn weeds HAa.!! my mans..

There is still plenty of good Hip Hop music being made.. you just need to know where to look. Thanks for the continued support of my kamikaze turntable shenanigans. I do it for me, I do it for you

peace & love

skric biz

ps: to clear up the confusion this is what the download link looks like on MediaFire >