the built-in media player is flakey.. turn it off and on a few times and works..

hit the link below for the direct download:



Not too long ago, I was backing up my data on a second external HD and started bugging out on the project files for St.ART. For years I’ve asked myself “why isn’t there an instrumental version of the album?” …ANY of my albums for that matter!! well, I decided something had to be done about that and the timing couldn’t be any better for this particular project.. a check mark on “The List”..

One of the coolest shits about going back was finding different versions of songs.. unused loops.. remixes, and even a few tracks that would have been on the follow up album?!?? wohhhhhhh.. *eats napkin*

Its amazing how much I got done with such a simple setup. A couple 12’s, a 3000 and a pair of CVegas. And cant forget that I mixed that album on a G3 – 300mhz WITH A SIX GIG HARDDRIVE!! Fuck, my phone has 32 gigs for shits sake!! Feel me??

Unfortunately I had to deal with the nightmare that certain tracks were no longer accessible or had suffered irreversible finalizing. I was able to get at 80% of the album.. Lesson learn’t: ALL THINGS DIGITAL NEED TO BE BACKED UP X2!! That being said, I still managed to keep the spirit of the record together for a good listen.. with a couple sprinkles in there for my mans’n’em.. cheers


ps: i mix loud so PLAY IT LOUD!!!


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